A CI/CD platform for IoT Embedded Environments

What is desploy?

Desploy is a cloud platform that lets companies build, test, deliver and monitor code updates for connected devices. It provides built-in support for the most popular IoT Cloud Platforms and the infrastructure, services, and tools for automated product builds and programmatically initiated tests and deployments.

Designed for IoT developers

Desploy is for developers, teams and businesses of all sizes that are working on connected devices.

Python in DevOps!

Extend the possibilities of test automation using Python scripts for all of your test cases instead of configuration files with limited functionality and a lot of external dependencies.

Supports the most popular IoT Cloud Platforms

Integration of the APIs from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud IoT, Particle, etc. as Python modules, enabling the development of powerful and complex tests and workflows!

Designed for IoT Embedded devices

Get ready to use, zero configuration builders for many embedded hardware platforms including microprocessors from ARM, AVR, WiFi modules, etc. Custom builders are supported as well.

Production-like functional testing

Functional testing over the cloud is becoming a reality. Whether you want to write a test case for your SPI, I2C, GPIO interfaces or just get the location of your device.

Everything is version controlled

Every build process is completely consistent and isolated, each build version happens exactly the same way. The deployment process is well defined using the same environment each time for increased reliability.


How it works?

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